Everett Rankins


Everett Rankins, inducted in the Hall of Fame for Agriculture, is described as a man that has baled more hay than anyone in the history of San Joaquin County. In peak seasons it was not uncommon for bale counts to reach one million. He has also baled hay more years than anyone in the industry. Everett has baled hay in this area from 1944 to the present. He has been instrumental in revolutionizing the hay industry in the West. Everett holds 15 patents in the agricultural machines industry and has employed over a hundred people in the Manteca/Tracy communities. In describing some of Rankin’s patents, he developed modifications that redesigned four-man balers, allowing them to be operated by two men. This remarkable innovation required the elimination of the “eye” wire system in favor of spooled baling wire. He invented the first commercial spray rig for the application of herbicide on hay fields. He also invented the first tomato bin dump trailer. Additionally, he invented the first bale pick up machine which formatted bales into block stacks for ease in squeezing them onto trucks or into barns and completely eliminated the booming of each bale by hand. Everett completed the 9th grade in 1944 in Melissa, Texas. He went into the Military from 1945 to 1947 serving on the U. S. S. Scabbardfish and the U. S. S. Blower. Everett’s hobbies include restoring antique vehicles and competing in several shows. He has won the Iron Stone’s Best in Class.