Connie Lum

At Large

Connie Lum, our Hall of Fame inductee for Education has been teaching our children in Lathrop since 1984 at the Learning Tree Preschool. This is Connie’s 34th year in preschool education in which she has served over 2100 students and families. Connie graduated from East Union High School in 1973 and attended UC Berkeley and UC Davis. Many of the preschool graduates have gone on to universities and have obtained B.A., B.S., M. A. to PhD degrees. Connie and her staff love teaching and all have a passion for shaping young minds that will someday lead our communities. Connie has lived in Lathrop since 1962, over 56 years, and continuously gives back to the community. In 2009 Connie created the Justice for Jeremy nonprofit foundation. This organization was created to promote Mental Health Awareness and Advocacy in our community. She has made it her mission to help de-stigmatize mental illness and seek adequate training and education for First Responders who may have interactions with a mentally ill individual. Her family includes her husband Jose Perez, three sons Tyler, Aaron, and Geoffrey. Another person that Connie is really close to is her mother May Lum of Lathrop. In her spare time, Connie loves performing locally and in nursing homes with the “Strummin Wonders”, ukulele group. Connie is best described as an optimist that tries to find the best in any situation or person. Congratulations!!!