Richard D. M. Yee MD

Health Care

Dr. Richard Yee was one of the founding physicians of Manteca Hospital, now Doctors Hospital of Manteca.  A former patient Sandy Leal stated “without his dedication to the people of Manteca and the need for quality health care, the hospital may not have happened as soon as it did”.
Dr. Yee attended the University of California, Berkeley, University of Southern California School of Pharmacy, and California College of Medicine.  He was an International Board of Proctology Fellow, and a member of the American College of Emergency Room Physicians.  Additionally, Dr. Yee proudly served in World War II in the Medical Corp. from 1944-46.
Dr. Yee served as a Family Practitioner in Manteca from 1956 to 1982.  He was a Kaiser physician from 1985 to 1995.  He was one of the first physicians on the medical staff at Manteca Hospital and Oak Park Hospital in Stockton.  He was well known as the “Rear Admiral” for his work in proctology.
Dr. Yee appreciated and loved his patients and worked long and dedicated hours caring for them and remembering their names as well as their children’s names for decades.  He often made house calls and visited with many of his patients socially.
Dr. Yee was a gentleman farmer, raising Black Angus cattle in Manteca.  He valued hard work and getting an education.  He was the proud husband to Nora, father and grandfather.  He enjoyed traveling the world, dining anywhere at any time, and attending celebrations with family and friends.
Dr. Yee passed away in 2012.  He lived a complete and fulfilling life and was blessed to have all of his children and grandchildren graduate from college and contribute and make a positive difference in their communities.