Earl Pimentel

Special Recognition

Earl Pimentel has been an outstanding teacher and Department Head at Manteca High School. He was a teacher who taught all levels of Spanish for 35 years. His leadership as Department Chairman and his outstanding rapport with students in his classroom was an inspiration to other teachers. Earl received several awards during his career, including the Bell Ranger Award, Educator of Excellence and Educator of the year.
After retiring from his teaching career, Earl Pimentel gave selflessly of himself for 16 years at Doctors Hospital of Manteca as a volunteer. He served as the Auxiliary President in 2000, 2001, 2003, and 2004. He served as an ambassador to patients in their most critical time of need. In his capacity, Mr. Pimentel shaped the hospital experience for thousands of Mantecans. Frequently patients and hospital visitors would see Earl at the front desk. They would remind Earl that he had taught them or their children, leading to reminiscing and fond memories of their time in Earl’s classroom.
Earl Pimentel is a leader in the community in other community projects such as his involvement in the Manteca Historical Society and his leadership in the California Retired Teachers Association. Through his actions and his words Earl Pimentel has improved the quality of life in Manteca.