Judge George J. Abdallah, Jr.


Judge George Abdallah served as Municipal Court Commissioner/Judge Pro Term from 1987 to 1995, Municipal Court judge from 1995 to 1998 and Superior Court Judge from 1998 to present, including serving as Presiding Judge in 2002-2003.
He has been an active supporter of the Grand Jury in San Joaquin County, a system that encourages and engages the community members in the judicial system. In addition to his career as a judge at the local and county level for the last 25 years, Judge Abdallah has been an instructor in various judicial areas from 1979 to present.
He has served as law professor/lecturer at Center for Judicial Studies, Humphreys College School of Law and the University of Pacific. He is currently serving as instructor/lecturer at the Center for Judicial Education and Research.
Judge Abdallah has been very active in community affairs, which include Board of Directors on two hospital boards, the Manteca District Ambulance, Rotary International, San Joaquin County Immunization Program Committee (chairman) and Manteca CAPS.
Above all, Judge Abdallah is a person of outstanding character and integrity, dedicated to his community and profession well beyond the ordinary requirements and expectations. He is a man worthy of being a role model for young people.