Lucille and William Harris

Community Service

These leading citizens of Manteca have contributed throughout their adult lives to many worthwhile endeavors to the benefit of the community. Their commitments have included financial support for school programs in Ripon and Manteca, tutorial groups, FFA units, 4-H Clubs and sports programs. Since 2007, the Harris's have hosted fund-raising events to support a new program to improve the teaching of writing in local schools. By 2011, that program was serving 112 teachers and 239 students in Manteca, Lathrop and Ripon. These events have raised over $50,000. Their support for after-school program is well-known in our community.
Lucille Harris, a Manteca native, has been involved in grassroots political advocacy and campaigns to protect legal rights. Her letter-writing in the 1960’s led to the revision of flight patterns of jumbo jets that avoided municipal centers and schools during pilot-training programs at Stockton Airport. Through the 1970’s and 1980’s, her letter-writing and advocacy was successful in uncovering anti-trust violations by insurance companies.
Bill Harris partnered with his wife in all her community activities and was a steadfast believer in education. Bill passed away in October, 2012, but Lucille continues to devote time to business management, philanthropy, local issues and the defense of legal rights. Their 58 years of community service have earned Lucille and Bill Harris membership in the Manteca Hall of Fame.