Jessie Marina


Jessie Marina is a very talented artist who has endured much pain to do what he loves.  He started painting at the age of 10 and showed outstanding talent.  A career in mechanical engineering would take him away from his avocation.

In more recent years, degenerative spinal problems have changed his life.  He turned to his first love, painting.  He agreed to compete in a mural showdown with professional muralists from the western United States and Canada.

Jessie’s design was approved and, despite several spinal surgeries, he worked to complete the mural on time.  He painted one-foot sections of the eight-foot mural due to his limited movement.
Jessie Marina’s perseverance paid off, as his beautiful mural “The Harvest Continues’” won first prize and now hangs in the Manteca Senior Center.

Jessie has undergone more surgeries, yet he continues to paint.  He had a one-man art show, was named Asian Artist of the Year, was featured artist in a gallery in Ferndale, Calif., and received honorable mention in the 2008 Delicato Art Show, and First and Third prizes in the 2009 Delicato Art Show, again competing with more than 300 entries.

Jessie is determined not to let his physical problems stop him.  His family, his faith and his aspirations keep him going.  After each surgery, he creates another masterpiece, filled with detail, light and emotion.  Part of his signature style is that he paints with a nail to add the final details to his work.  If you look at the “Harvest Continues” or his “Passion” painting, you will see each nail line throughout the painting.

Jessie is an excellent representative of the talent and dedication to we want for our community.