Bill Jones


Dr. William “Bill” Jones is dedicated to the education and well-being of all children.  Throughout his illustrious professional career and tireless volunteer service, Dr. Jones has maintained a personal philosophy that “all children have the right to have the opportunity to have the best possible education and that parents and community members have an obligation to support and encourage children to succeed.” He enthusiastically embraces technology as a powerful educational tool and has laid the groundwork for technological advances in the school’s where he is employed and the organizations for which he has volunteered.

As a decorated Korean War Veteran, Dr. Jones has dedicated his life to serving others not only in his professional life but also through his volunteer work with Partners in Prevention, Boys & Girls Clubs of Manteca/Lathrop, Saturday Night Life and Give Every Child A Chance just to name a few.  His passion is for working with young people, encouraging them to achieve their very best in education, avoid the dangers of drugs and alcohol and to thrive and succeed in their personal lives.  Dr. Jones is a long-time resident of Manteca, raising a family and building a full and meaningful life for his children in our family city.  He continues to volunteer his time with his wife, Debbie, at Shasta Elementary School just blocks from his family home.

There are so many aspects of our community that Dr. Jones has had a positive influence on throughout his life.  However, it is unending advocacy for access to quality education, literacy programs and technological advancements that makes him a natural choice for the selection committee as the Educational Honoree.