Gail Perry


Gail is the granddaughter of the late Frank Jessee, who was one of the founding fathers of Manteca. She married George Perry, Jr. in 1974, and instantly became involved in the family business.

Gail has always valued family, and that is why she has continually supported the community of Manteca, the city about which her grandfather was so passionate.

From 1974 to now, she has become very important and instrumental to George Perry and Sons. Gail started as a bookkeeper for Perry and Sons, but in 1985, when the watermelon industry was in crisis, she moved into the buying-and-selling department. She is now known as one of the top saleswomen in the watermelon and pumpkin industries in California and throughout the United States.

Gail has volunteered a lot of her time at St Anthony’s Church, and she takes care of her Mom and her in-laws. She is an encourager, educator and mentor. Gail believes in the young generation and works diligently for the future of George Perry and Sons and the agricultural industry as a whole.