Kirt Giovannoni


Thirty-one years ago, Kirt Giovannoni came to Manteca High School as an art teacher. He found a campus with a tired look and with a persistent graffiti problem. Wanting to make a positive change in the school’s appearance, Mr. Giovannoni developed a mural project as a way of dealing with theses issues. His dedication and love of art resulted in the Manteca Mural Museum.

Over the past 15 years, approximately 200 murals depicting famous works of art, from the Masters of years past to more contemporary artists, now grace the outside walls of the campus. With Kirt’s guidance, these murals have been painted by students from his Advanced Art classes. The project has made the Manteca High campus literally a work of art, and has built pride and a sense of ownership on the part of the students. The Museum has opened the door for these young people to explore art and history and to participate in it. The school has hosted tours, with visitors from as far away as Ireland and Belgium.

Kirt and his students have been featured in local newspapers, television stations and highlighted in American Profile magazine. He has been named both a Teacher of the Month and 2008 Teacher of the Year by KXTV television. Mr. Giovannoni is a Mentor Teacher and was recently named Art Coordinator for the Manteca Unified School District. Kirt Giovannoni is more than deserving of being honored in the Manteca Hall of Fame.