Evelyn Prouty

Community Service

Evelyn Prouty, fourth-generation descendant of pioneer families, has long-standing roles and contributions in preserving local history. Dennis Wyatt of The Manteca Bulletin says that written history about Manteca is due to Evelyn’s early interest, initiative and dedication. Her Manteca, Selected Chapters from Its History, the only definitive book about the Manteca area, is in the Manteca Library and is a resource for Museum docent classes.

Manteca Historical Society & Museum: Charter member, Board member, President, and currently Docent, Newsletter Editor, and Executive Director. Evelyn’s support includes fundraising, special events, and donation of clothing, artifacts and 800 local historical photos that became the foundation of the Museum. Innovative ideas include a grant to catalog the collection, a Manteca-area history coloring book for student tours, an exhibition to promote local arts and artists, and new classes open to the public.

Union Cemetery: When the State announced in 2008 plans that would suspend the operation, Evelyn spearheaded formation of the Friends of the East Union Cemetery. Ken Summers of P.L. Fry & Son describes her role as major, and says that a moratorium of funerals would have been likely. Evelyn has driven efforts to garner publicity and community support to keep the cemetery operational, and make it financially possible to continue with burials. Innovative ideas include media interviews, presentations and fundraisers. Evelyn, Friends President Bill Good and key others assumed responsibility of cemetery maintenance. Bill and Evelyn also do the required paperwork and majority of the physical work for burials.