Joel Tolkheim

Health Care

A resident of Manteca for the past 44 years, Joel Tokheim has become a widely recognized and honored physical therapist.  After graduating from Manteca High School (1969) and receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from Loma Linda University, Joel and his wife, Candace, returned to his hometown to make a difference.

A partner in a Manteca physical therapy practice for the past 33 years, making him the longest-practicing physical therapist in the community, Joel has accepted each of his patients as a new challenge.  He works to help the individual reach the highest level of recovery possible, even to giving spinal cord patients the will to continue to live and achieve new levels of lifestyle.

Joel has received numerous awards and recognition for volunteering health care and advice to schools, organizations and health agencies.  He has long been a fixture on the sidelines of local high school football games, voluntarily serving as the trainer for those schools.  He has also worked with industrial businesses regarding employee safety.

Joel backs up his professional advice on staying active by doing so in his own life.  His hobbies include rock climbing, camping, bicycling and tennis.  He volunteers at his church and enjoys spending quality time with his wife, four children and three grandchildren.

His dedication to his physical therapy practice and the services he has provided to the community has earned him this Hall of Fame induction honor.