Tom & Gayl Wilson


Stemming from his membership on the Vision 2020 Task Force, a City Council-appointed group to help plan the vision for the future of Manteca, Tom Wilson was joined by his wife, Gayl, to form the Manteca Mural Society.  They had been convinced by their visits to other communities that murals would enhance the appearance of Manteca, which had been their home since 1987.

Tom was the driving force behind getting financial support and securing wall space, while Gayl was the key collaborator in working with muralists and local artists in developing the content of the murals.  Working from the initial fund-raising total of $65,000, a sustainable support fund was assured as the Wilson’s contacted many individuals and groups in Manteca.  This has allowed for more murals to be painted around the downtown area.

Many of the murals have provided an opportunity to add a little more to our community.  Plazas, with benches and fountains, have been added to different mural locations in Manteca.  Children’s murals have given young people a chance to be part of a lasting network.

Tom and Gayl’s connections with service organizations gave them added opportunities to gain support for the murals project.  The success of the Manteca Murals is the direct result of the vision, dedication and commitment of Tom and Gayl Wilson.