Anne Talcott


Over the course of Anne Talcott’s career since 1977 as a music instructor and choral director, she has made significant and outstanding contributions to music education at the District, County and State levels and to the personal and professional development of her students. Her work with the County and All State Honor Choirs goes beyond the job requirements, and she also gives a significant portion of personal time to venues off campus and to bringing music to the community. As an accomplished musician (piano, organ, guitar), Anne brings added value to the positions she holds.

As a driving force behind choral performances off campus and as director of the Manteca Community Choir, she gives others an opportunity to perform, further cultivates their musical potential, and facilitates music appreciation, inspiration and entertainment in the community at large. For over 40 years, Anne has held various positions as a music leader or accompanist in local churches.

The professionalism, life skills and inspiration she provides impact students beyond the classroom and field of music. She is held in high regard by students. parents, colleagues, school administrators and the public. Manteca Is fortunate to have her as a teacher, advocate for music education, mentor and friend.

The depth of Anne’s dedication and breadth of her accomplishments as an educator, a musician and a volunteer set her apart, and we feel that Anne meets the criteria and has earned her the honor of being inducted into the Manteca Hall of Fame.