Linda Freitas-Abeldt


Linda Freitas-Abeldt is truly a Mantecan. She was born and raised in Manteca and never hesitates to share with old and new residents where she was born and where she works. She is the daughter of Joe and Elsie Freitas from whom she learned that if you live in a community you must be willing to give back to that community. Linda has definitely followed the example of her parents.

Linda began by starting her own business while still in high school and it was called Linda Baton School. She not only taught baton but also instilled the concept of giving back to the community in her students, some of whom are now leaders in Manteca. She also was active in 4-H.

Linda became involved in a business with her parents called Manteca Travel and established a thriving business which is still a Manteca business based upon the principles that she incorporated into the endeavor. While working as a businesswoman, Linda has continued to be a leader in making people aware of the greatness of Manteca. Linda Freitas-Abeldt has been a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Manteca and has served as chairperson with distinction. She has served as a member and officer of the Manteca Boys and Girls Clubs and is currently serving as treasurer. Linda today, serves as the Director of the Manteca Convention and Visitor's Bureau. Under her leadership it is now recognized as one of the most productive and energetic organizations in the state.

Linda Freitas-Abeldt continues to volunteer, teach and be part of the community. She is continuing the legacy taught to her by her mother and father, that Manteca is a great place.