Chuck Crutchfield

Community Service

Chuck Crutchtield has a long and distinguished career of community service in the Manteca community. He has been a part of numerous committees and the president of several community organizations, which have benefited our community greatly.

Chuck's most notable achievement, among many, includes his leadership with our local Boys and Girls Club. He made many positive changes in the organization as its Executive Director. The Boys and Girls Club of Mantecal/Lathrop became a model for other clubs throughout California. For his efforts, the club was rededicated in his honor and named "Crutchfield Center".

He also has served on the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and was President in 1997. Under his leadership the Chamber flourished and had a very productive year.

For the past four years, Chuck has been instrumental in expanding the services of Give Every Child A Chance. With the teamwork and support of the Board and CEO, the future looks bright for the academic improvement of the children of Manteca. Much of the credit belongs to the efforts of Chuck Crutchfield.

He has been involved in many community activities which has benefited the growth of Manteca economically and artistically. He has been involved extensively with the Pumpkin Faire and has been the only chairperson of the Street Fair. Chuck has devoted many years to the service of residents of the local area and will continue his efforts for many years to come.