Raymond Honodel

At Large

Raymond Honodel has lived, worked, reared a family and contributed to the community of Manteca for over seventy-live years. In May of 2004, he will celebrate his one-hundredth birthday. As a pharmacist and businessman, he employed many Mantecan's and contributed generously to community charities and fundraisers.

Mr. Honodel has been a member of Manteca Noon Kiwanis and is a dedicated member of the Masonic fraternal organization as a 32nd degree master mason. He is a seventy-seven year member of DeMolay and continues as a member of the Ben All Shrine Chapter in the area. His continued membership in these organizations illustrates his service to the community of Manteca.

Raymond Honodel was educated in Chico, California, graduated from high school at the age of sixteen and took college credits at Chico State University prior to graduation. He then attended the University of Southern California and graduated in 1923. He was licensed by the State of California as a pharmacist by 1925 when he reached the age of twenty-one.

Long before vitamins became seen as essential to health, Mr. Honodel developed an original food chart pyramid showing the recommended serving portions of carbohydrates, fats and protein. The original chart has been published and displayed throughout the years at various convention and county fairs.

Raymond Honodel has been a long-time contributor to the culture and development of the Manteca that he has served with dignity and honor. He is truly an outstanding member of the Manteca Hall of Fame.