Priscilla H. Haynes


Priscilla Haynes was born in Oakland in 1922 to Mr. and Mrs. William Jensen. After graduating from the University of California during World War Il, she entered the U. S. Army as an intelligence specialist. After the war, she obtained her law degree from Hastings School of Law.

In 1952, she was appointed a deputy district attorney for San Joaquin County, the first woman to serve in that position. Four years later, she was appointed to serve as Judge of the Manteca Ripon-Escalon District Court, the first woman to do so. Subsequently, she also became the first woman appointed to the Judicial Council of the State of California.

Her greatest contributions must be her commitment to turning around the lives of so many delinquent juveniles. She used her time and talents to help the young with what today would be termed tough love. She was known as a judge who ruled the bench with dignity and firmness, but also with fairness.

Judge Haynes actively supported the local public library and was the keynote speaker at the dedication of the new building in January, 1962. She also worked to secure the Manteca Ripon-Escalon Court Building and officiated at the groundbreaking ceremony of that facility in Manteca. While in Manteca, she was a member of numerous local, county, and state service and professional organizations.

Now 82 years young, retired and living in Grass Valley, Judge Haynes continues helping, counseling, and caring for the young and the elderly of her community.