Albert Brocchini


Albert Brocchini was born in San Francisco in 1918, moved to Manteca in 1925, attended Veritas School and graduated from Manteca High School. He met Rena Bersano and married the hometown girl in 1947. Al Brocchini was the owner of several businesses in Manteca before going into farming full time in 1972.

Albert Brocchini's early farming experiences basically were that of a one-man operation from hoe to irrigation to harvest to delivery. His tìrst crop was 20 acres of watermelons. From this humble beginning, Brocchini Farms has flourished and grown into a diversified farming operation which has included a cattle operation, row crops ranging from onions to pimentos, and many others. Alfalfa, corn, barley, oats, and wheat also were rotation crops incorporated in the operation.

Albert Brocchini's community involvement included serving on school boards from 1957 to 1969. From a one-man operation in 1948 of 20 rented acres to a family farming corporation which owns 3,500 acres and hires 25 year-round employees and about 200 employees during the peak harvest season, Brocchini Farms is proud of a 54 year history of farming in San Joaquin County.