Dr. S. Randall Williams

Health Care

Dr. S. (Sumner) Randall "Randy" Williams arrived in Manteca in 1987 to become the community's first orthopedic surgeon.

He had possibly the largest orthopedic practice of a single practitioner in a two-county area seeing approximately 13,000 new patients in his 18 years in practice.

Williams became an unofficial team doctor for local high schools attending games and seeing injured athletes referred by coaches. Attending sports awards banquets was one of his favorite tasks to see young men and women he recognized for their achievements.

Williams served on the St. Dominics Hospital board and was chief of surgery at both Doctors Hospital of Manteca and St. Dominics Hospital. The Harvard University graduate received his medical degree at the University of Southwestern Texas in 1972 and performed his subsequent four-year orthopedic residency there as well.

He interned in straight surgery at Los Angeles County harbor General Hospital.

He served two years in the U.S. Air Force at the rank of Major as a physician at Caswell Air Force Base in Texas.

He was known to waive fees for patients who couldn't afford his services. His favorite pastime was attending various community functions such as crab feeds and regularly demonstrated his love of Manteca by volunteering time at health fairs and supporting various community endeavors.