William "Bill" Perry


William "Bill" Perry has resided in and around Manteca his entire life. Born on June 13, 1923, he has always subscribed to the rule that a hard days work left a conscience unfettered. He learned his work ethic and first trade from his father, Ed, a mechanic. Mr. Perry's sense of community, giving of his time, and desire to improve the area for future generations, led him to successes in a number of government and community programs because of his vision.

The late Antone Raymus mentored Bill in a very successful real estate and development company. Mr. Perry developed a sense of responsibility and concern for the community, and his developments were designed to reduce the flooding that he had witnessed as a young man in Manteca.

In consortium with other influential community leaders, he later lobbied for the creation of Highway 120 Bypass that has helped save lives and alleviated the weekend holiday traffic congestion through the middle of town.

Mr. Perry had always demonstrated his love for his hometown. He served on the City Council from November 1983 until November 1994, when he was elected Mayor and served in that capacity through November 1998. He continues to offer his opinion and guidance in areas of development and on the future of Manteca.

William Perry had been involved in all aspects of the community. He had a role in the development of an "all volunteer" ambulance service. He has preservation concerns and has voiced them regarding the balance of agriculture and responsible growth. He exercised his vision and commitment to the community by serving ultimately as our Mayor.