Drs. Clair and Elsie Weast


From austere, separate beginnings in the Modesto area, the "Weast Team" completed their education at the University of California at Berkeley through hard work and academic excellence. Elsie earned a Masters of Science in Nutrition, Clair a Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Chemistry.

With that background they conceived, patented, developed and produced an extensive line of special dietary food for Tillie Lewis Foods to be used by persons with restricted intakes of calories, carbohydrates, fat, sodium, and cholesterol. Much of the work was done in a test kitchen they built in the attic of their Manteca home.

Using these products, Elsie developed a complete 21-day 1,200 calorie diet that was the first and only one granted the "Seal of Acceptance" by the American Medical Association as nutritionally complete.

Concurrently, the team was active in community affairs. Elsie was a charter member of Soroptimist and Clair served on the New Haven School Board. St. Paul's United Methodist Church has benefited for years from their generosity and hard work, where they served as youth leaders, and Clair, 50 years in the choir. Elsie was instrumental in the development of the Biblical Garden which has been dedicated to her memory. For the last 32 years, the Weasts have donated the proceeds from their walnut orchards to the church's youth programs.