Dr. Andrew Whitaker

Health Care

Andrew Jackson Whitaker graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1917, moved to Manteca and started the Manteca Veterinary Hospital in 1918. He remained actively involved until 1973, a career that spanned 55 years.

Many times, especially in the early years, he was remembered for house (barn) calls for animals, and much of the time received eggs, milk, and other goods for his services. Local farmers held him in the highest regard. In 1954, he was the founding member of the South San Joaquin County Mosquito Abatement District and acted as president until 1964.

Andrew also worked as the county Livestock Inspector, and played an important role in vaccinating cattle during the Brucellosis cattle epidemic in 1948. He was founding director of Central Bank in 1930 and was part of its executive board.

Besides being a dedicated veterinarian, he also was very active in community affairs. He served on the City Council in the 1920's, was director of the Chamber of Commerce in 1923, president of Lions Club in 1928, charter member of the Kiwanis Club in 1952, and was very active in Masons.