Albert Fonseca Sr.


Albert Fonseca Sr. began farming in his boyhood and "farmed the fertile plains of South Manteca for 49 years." Farming was more than just an occupation, it was a passion.

There were many difficult years in farming due to the flooding of the San Joaquin River in the 1950's. Albert would move back and start from scratch. He employed as many as 300 people and was known for his good treatment of those who worked for him. He was voted "Outstanding Young Farmer" by the Junior Chamber of Commerce for his dedication to agriculture and the community.

He participated as a member of the Watermelon Board Association, the Western Growers Association, sponsored Chamber of Commerce agricultural tours, and served as director of the California Tomato Board.

He always lent a helping hand to fellow farmers and assisted young men in getting started in agriculture. In addition, he was very generous to youth groups and those with disabilities. He participated in and contributed to many fundraising campaigns. He was a recognized supporter of FFA, the Hanoi Foundation, 4-H, diabetes related charities, served on the MRPS board, and was recognized as sponsoring member of the Boy Scouts of America.