Eugene Douglass


Eugene Edmund Douglass was born on March 30, 1886 in Morristown, Vt.

When he died 75 years later, he established a place of prominence in the South County expanding a 57-year period in which he was a builder, attorney and finally a Municipal Court judge.

During his 34 years as justice of the peace, he was widely known for his stiff fines for speeding.

Douglass is credited with helping get John McFall - who was later to travel a political journey that would take him from the Manteca City Council to the whip's job in the House of Representatives - his start in law. Among the many structures he helped build is the two—story building housing Tipton’s at Yosemite and Maple.

He served on the Manteca Elementary School Board, was master of the Masonic Lodge, Worthy Patron of the Order of Eastern Star, Methodist Church board, and the Manteca Chamber of Commerce board.