Frances Bynum

Community Service

Frances Bynum has lived in Manteca for 43 years. She founded and managed the organization called "Love Thy Neighbor" by working out of her home. Fifteen years ago, she had the organization incorporated. It now serves people over 22,000 times a year in the Manteca area.

For those who came to her door and asked for a place to sleep, she found a bed.

For those who needed warm clothes, she provided them.

For those who were hungry. she provided food from the cupboards of "Love Thy Neighbor." She also coordinates efforts to provide toys for children at Christmas as well as holiday food baskets for the needy at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

She was selected as the 1973 Manteca Chamber Commerce Citizen of the Year. She also has received the Girl Scouts Hidden Heroine award three times, the Jefferson Service Award for Distinguished Service in 1984, The San Joaquin Peace Officers Distinguished Service Award, the 1976 San Joaquin Citizen of the Year Award as well as others.